Friday, August 19, 2011

Nothing can stop her

So on July 20ith at 6:00am we arrived at Sunrise Children's Hospital in Las Vegas and a few hours later Aubrey's little left foot was gone. She woke up from surgery like a banshee but after the morphine was out of her system she was back to her old self. We only had to spend 23 hours in the hospital. The Doctor put a couple of oins in her heel pad to keep it from migrating so she had a full leg bent knee cast on. Everyone asks me why so high and bent knee. Well, if you stop and think about it, it is logical. If it was below her knee it would slide right off. Pain management was easy. She never complained about pain at all. So after a full day at home on tylenol codeine I changed to regular tylenol for another day. She still had no pain so I stopped that too. She amazes me! On the 9Th we headed back to Vegas for wound check. I expected that the cast would come off and we would either get a bandage or another cast and be on our way. Well Dr. Camp wanted to get her prosthetic started so we had to wait a little over an hour to see the prosthetist. He casted her in a removable plaster cast to create a mold and then she got a pretty purple cast for another 4 weeks. On September 6th the cast will come off, the pins pulled and she will get her new foot. We can not wait to see her run. Right now she is jumping all over the place on her right foot. I got her a walker but she won't use it.

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