Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's official!

On July 7th the state of Texas officially declared us a family. It took us a year to get her home, nine months to complete our post placement requirements and get a court date, and ten minutes to make it official. It took me longer to find the right dresses for the girls than it took for the judge to rule. Aubrey slept through the entire thing.
Aubrey is doing fantastic! She is speaking in three word sentences and running everywhere. I even gave her her first haircut last week. Everyday she amazes me.
Our trip to Scottish Rite Hospital last February left me confused. I went into the appointment fully expecting Dr. Birch to say amputation. Aubrey's physical therapist recommended a second opinion with a friend of hers at West Texas Orthopedics. Dr. Taggart was excellent and he actually agreed completely with Dr. Birch. He did feel that an AFO would help her with some of the falling issues she had been having. So we got casted and fitted for an ankle foot orthotic. She is doing great with it and she can wear matching size shoes with it on.
Aubrey will start PPCD(preschool for children with disabilities) in January. My goal between now and Christmas is to get her potty trained. She has a pretty good grasp of it but until the other children are in school, I am not ready to put focus on it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time Flies When your having fun!

How in the world has 5 months gone by since we came home from Korea? I guess the holidays and 5 children make it all a blur.
Aubrey is just incredible! She came into this world with multiple medical issues and parents who could not take care of her. She has amazing will and spunk to defy the odds. We have been to the cardiologist and after 2 surgeries, he said treat her like any other 2 year old. Just 2 weeks ago, we traveled to Dallas to Scottish Rite Hospital. Dr. Birch, the doctor that told me a year ago that her little leg was just too fragile, doesn't want to do anything. She is so unaffected by her fibular hemimelia that he thinks we can follow her growth over the next few years and then do tibia lengthening when she is about 6. Even her little foot isn't holding her back.
To top it all off, she is totally a Mama's girl!
I have plenty of pictures to post but blogger is not playing nice.