Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Made It!

After 13+ hours of flying and layovers, we are back in Texas. Poor Aubrey is all mixed up. We have her awake when she is supposed to be sleeping. She did great on the entire flight as long as Jeremy held her. So far, all she wants to do is scratch my eyes out. She is going to take some time to grieve and stop resenting me for taking her away from her foster mother. I guess it is good that we have been through this before. Otherwise, I might be completely heartbroken. I can sympathize! I just hope she doesn't take too long to get over the crying every time I get near her or when Daddy is out of sight. Tomorrow will be a test since Jeremy is going to work in the morning. Only time will tell!

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Hilary Marquis said...

Anara felt that I was an acceptable substitute as long as Tim was not in view. She won't take long to PREFER mommy ;) Hang in there! I know it it a good thing that she misses her foster mother because it shows she can bond...but it still hurts when you've waited so long to hold her and your baby is grieving. We've been praying for her peace and will continue to do so.