Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Almost there.

Yesterday we got to visit Aubrey at her foster home. This was after we met her at the doctor's office to get a look at her newly aquired stitches on the back of her head. Seems she got up a little early from her nap on Friday afternoon and began to wander around her home. She fell and cut her head open on a TV of all things. But aside from the stitches all is well. She was running around like crazy while we visited. We have discovered she loves to climb and has no fear. We get her for good tommorrow (Wed) afternoon and then fly out early Thursday morning.


Dutile Creations said...

I'm so happy that this day has finally arrived for you. I know for a fact that you've always lived your life to help those in need. From the days when you sent your money to Boy's Town to this very day ... I'm proud of you Marnie! I have such wonderful nephews and now you have 2 beautiful little girls that I can proudly call my nieces!

Have a safe journey home and we'll see you all soon!

Jackie said...

She is such a doll, Marnie. Thanks for keeping us posted ... here and on FB. Looking forward to seeing more of Aubrey. So thrilled for you :)

janiece said...

Ahhh, sounds like you are going to have your hands full with 2 wild girls running around. She's beautiful!