Monday, August 17, 2009

An update and moment of shear panic!

If you have been following us on our new adventure, you know that Jeremy and I have been working toward our foster care license. Well, in the last 2 weeks we have finished up our training and moved on campus into the CASA home. We started transitioning our 3 foster children over last Friday. The children are 2, 3 and 4 years old and will spend their first night with us tonight. The first day, they spent an hour and a half here and did not want to go back to the shelter. Each day, we extended their time here and they are getting very excited about their new rooms. I decorated them with pretty floral bedding for the girls and cars and trucks for the boy. We can't wait to get them settled in and into a routine. So here is where the moment of panic comes in.

Every week we receive emailed program updates from our adoption agencies. This morning, I opened up the update for last week. Between the 10th and 14th, our agency received 1 new referral for a baby boy. 2 families accepted referrals and 1 family got their travel call. Here is the panic. The family who received their travel call only waited 3 months. That means their paperwork went in around the 10th of May. Oh wait, ours went in the 15th of May. Immediately, I email my agency to find out if there were any special circumstances that allowed them to get their travel call in 3 months when we were told 5 to 6 months. The response that I got was that there were no special circumstances and they didn't think ours was going to be too much longer. Don't get me wrong, I would go tomorrow if I could. I just had it in my head that it would be October at the earliest. Now I need to finish unpacking, get 3 children settled in, school starts(24th) and get my Mother in-law here and leave the country in possibly less than 3 weeks. It may not happen but I have to be prepared. There is the panic!


Dutile Creations said...

I hope that you have the time to get everything in order and then get the call to travel. Less stress is the key!

Hilary Marquis said...

AHHHHH! Yes, stressed indeed! It will all be perfect timing, it always is. Could you fed ex Jyly here? And the rest of the new crew too :)

Mala said...

WOO-HOO!! Oh my!!!!!! Isn't that they way.
So excited for you all!