Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keeping Busy!

As some of you may well know, I have been unemployed since the beginning of February. I've found many ways of keeping busy between school stuff with the boys, registering Camden for college, and finding an assistance program for Alex so that he could buy his first home. On top of that, I applied for grants and did adoption paperwork. Now the boys are out of school, we got a grant and Alex's closing is June thirtieth. Mom needs a new project! We still have several months to pass before we go to Korea and I am NOT going to sit around twittling my fingers waiting for that travel call. So call us crazy but we decided to get our foster care license! Our training was supposed to start last week but they couldn't recruit enough families. I was so disappointed to hear that we would have to wait until August to start. So, I put myself out there and offered to train with the emergency shelter group and volunteer my time. This way, I get most of my training in now and Jeremy can catch up later. I have trained all this week and next week I will spend 36 of my 40 observation hours between 2 of the shelters. I can't wait! I got to spend about an hour at the shelter with the little ones today. They are so sweet! You just can't imagine what these little one have been through in there short little lives. I just hope that we can get done and get our first foster placement before Aubrey comes home. Then we will have to address the transportation issue. I need a bus!

Monday, June 8, 2009

That mailbox is just amazing!

So I open the mailbox this afternoon and what do I find? No not junk mail! We finally got our USCIS approval. You see immigration actually has a say in whether or not we can adopt. The next step is the actual orphan petition. You would think that if they approve your advanced petition, the orphan petition would be a given but it isn't. Now we wait again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finding Joy In The Mailbox

No there wasn't a little person named Joy in the mailbox. That's just silly! I got new pictures from Korea that gave me joy. Just look at her on that little throne. Isn't she just the cutest? The other pictures were post surgery pictures. I so hate to see the scars that she is going to have to bare for life. Maybe they will fade as she gets older. I know they did the best that they could but I have to wonder if there would have been less of a scar had the surgery been done here.