Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally on our way!

Yesterday, we got a call from an incredible organization informing us that we had been approved for a $2500.00 grant. The weight was finally lifted off my chest and I could breath again. I want to thank all of our generous donors for helping us bring our baby home. You hold a special place in my heart
Now that our agency has all of our fees, our paperwork can be sent over to S. Korea to get the ball rolling. Although you would think it would be fast, it is still going to be 14 to 16 weeks before we travel. It is going to take about a month before her passport is ready and then she will need a physical. After the physical, a visa interview will occur and we will receive our travel call once the visa is approved. I remember back to November 22, 2007. It was Thanksgiving day and it was the day that we petitioned the court in Kyrgyzstan for Jyly's adoption. We knew at that point, that we still had about a month and a half before we could travel to bring her home. You would think that it would have been the longest 45 days of our lives. Well, it flew by and before I knew it, my sister Renae and I were freezing our butts off in Bishkek. I imagine and hope that this wait will be the same. I doubt that I will have anything much to post in the mean time. I suspect the next thing I tell you all is when we get our travel date. Thanks again to everyone following our journey!

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Karla Kahler said...

that is awesome!!! I hope that the weeks fly by (as you know they will) and that Aubrey will be home soon!