Sunday, March 1, 2009


Our homestudy update is finally complete and we officially accepted our referral on February 13th. As soon as I got my copies of the homestudy, I sent in my I-600A to USCIS (immigration). However, they sent it back to me. Apparently, the El Paso office can not take personal checks at this time. So, off to the bank I went for a money order.

Our social worker was in Korea this past week so I hope to have some incredible new pictures soon. I also sent a little care package to Korea with Peg. I sent a little bear, an outfit, a blanket, some toys, a sippy cup, and some spoons. Oh, and some disposable cameras and a photo album.

As you know, Aubrey was born with a little foot on her left hip. Most extra appendages don't grow with the baby but, Aubrey's is growing. Eastern Social Welfare and the doctors felt that this was slowing her development and wanted to remove it. I wanted them to wait so that I could have it done here with me. I told them that I didn't want it done unless it was putting a strain an her little heart. I am not certain that it is but they decided that they are going ahead with the surgery. She is scheduled for March 18th. Please keep her in your thoughts. She is so little and this will be her third surgery in her short life. I am just so greatful that she has such a wonderful and caring foster family.

I will keep you updated of her condition and I promise, I will post pictures as soon as I get them.