Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An update, Finally!

OK, so call me a bad blogger. I know I am! It has been some time since I have had any updates from Korea. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from my agency last week inquiring about my homestudy status and then ending by saying the baby is doing well after her heart surgery. Of course I had a billion questions and they were kind of answered with medical reports from Korea. Apparently, Aubrey's patch on her heart had to be repaired. She also ended up with pneumonia which really scares me because she is so little. She only weighs about 13lbs at 11 months old. I know she is getting excellent care but I just want to get her home.

In other news, I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed next year. The polymer plant that I work at has been a fixture in this community for the last 57 years. It was purchased by yet another company a year ago. This company announced about a month ago that it can't be competitive so they are shutting down. Wow! So at first I was devastated and felt like there was no way that we could go through with this adoption. Then we thought about how this could be a good thing. They are giving us a severance package which will be a good portion of the adoption fees. We are also eligible for six months of unemployment in which time we can get Aubrey healthy. I might even qualify for financial aide to get some sort of education. So, bad thing turned good! Now we just need to get this paperwork behind us and get her home.