Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are we CRAZY??????

OK, so some people do think we are crazy and frankly I think they are right. When we brought Jyly home, we realized that she is going to be an only child before too long because her brothers are so much older. Jyly spent the first 2 years of her life in an orphanage with almost 100 other children. It just wouldn't be right for her to be alone. We made the decision to adopt again within the next year. We didn't realize that it would happen this soon. Everything happens for a reason. So here is our little peanuts story.

For years a couple in Korea desperately tried to start a family. They finally got pregnant and were so excited. They could not wait to meet their beautiful baby girl. That day finally arrived in January but it wasn't the happy day that they had expected. They went through the entire pregnancy with no problems and they thought their baby was just perfect. They were heartbroken! Their little miracle that they had waited so long for had significant medical challenges that they just couldn't afford. They agonized over their decision but eventually decided that the best thing that they could do for her would be to give her up. I truly believe, from the report I read that could they have afforded her care they would have kept her. They did not give her up just because she wasn't normal.

So here is where we come in. I got an email from a waiting children's list that their was a baby that needed a family that might be a good match for our family. I saw her picture, read her medical, and decided to inquire. I called the agency and they told me that another family was reviewing her file. At that point, I figured that she had found her forever family. Imagine my surprise when I got an email a month later that she was available after all. I couldn't believe how comprhensive the medical report was. She has already had one surgery for a hole in her heart. She may need another heart surgery but as of right now, they are treating her with medication. They have no plans to treat her diplopodia. We will have to find a specialist for that. The Children's Hospital in Houston is supposed to be one of the best.

So begins our second adoption journey! Because we are with an excellent agency and established country, we don't have the luxury of time to collect all the funds. I have begun my campaign to reach 10,000+ people and ask each person for a $10.00 donation. I figure I have a better chance asking a lot of people for a little than a few for a lot. Wish us luck! I will post pictures as soon as I can.

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